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With our central reference hub located in Westlock, designed for rural Alberta, together we offer assistance to families wanting to build strengths and develop strong familial units. We provide opportunities for caregiver education and other programming focusing on child development, asset building, parenting, and strengthening family bonds. Our home visitation program provides one on one parenting strategies to promote positive parent-child relationships, increase parenting knowledge and skills, foster healthy pregnancies and child development, help families identify and access formal and informal supports and services, assist in the identification and pursuit of family goals.

Home Visitation

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For families with youth aged 0 - 6 yrs

Home Visitors provide one-on-one parenting strategies to:

  • Promote positive parent-child relationships;

  • Grow parenting knowledge and skills;

  • Foster healthy pregnancies and child development;

  • Help families identify and access formal and informal supports and services;

  • Assist in the identification and pursuit of family goals

Services are offered by Healthy Families Healthy Futures.

Family Resilience

For families with youth aged 7 - 18 yrs

Working collaboratively with families to build caregiver confidence in their ability to meet their children's needs. Support may focus on

  • Healthy Relationships;

  • Attachment;

  • Positive Discipline;

  • Mentoring;

  • Life Skills;

  • Child Development

Services are offered by WJS Canada

Family Capacity & Connection 

Through our local Smoky Lake FRN team, we support families through child development and well-being programs that build strong and resilient kids. We offer support for all youth aged 0-18. We also provide caregiver capacity building to help parents understand the different phases their children may be going through.

  • Strengthen parent and child interaction

  • Enhance parenting skills

  • Promote healthy child development

  • Build family supports within the community

Programs may include:

Services are offered by the Town of Smoky Lake FRN

FCSS Director - Rachelle Amyottte


Box 460, 108 Wheatland Ave.

Smoky Lake AB T0A 3C0

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